Founded in Genoa in 1931, Agenzia Carboni is the outpost in Italy of Rheinbraun Brennstoff GmbH of Cologne part of RWE AG group.

Deeply rooted in national territory, thanks to the cooperation with international Partners leaders of the sector, the company is nowadays a reference point for fossil fuels trading in Europe.


Agenzia Carboni delivers high-quality industrial fuels for energy-intensive production processes, competitively-priced activated lignite for effective emissions and wastewater treatment, and fine-grained carbon concentrates for metallurgical, chemical and other industrial processes.
LE Lignite Energy is a low-cost and high-quality industrial fuel, obtained by refining Rhenish lignite. Energy-intensive industries in particular can benefit from the economic and technical advantages it offers.
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Rotary hearth furnace coke (HOK Activated Lignite) is a low-cost and effective sorbent for treating emissions and wastewater.

It is manufactured by activating local lignite in a rotary hearth furnace process, and offers a number of advantages.

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LSC Lignite Special Coke is a fine-grained carbon concentrate used in metallurgical, chemical and other industrial processes. LSC is manufactured from Rhenish lignite and stands out thanks its low price and long-term availability.
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Cosy warmth for a cold winter's night, briquettes for the barbecue on a hot summer day... Discover more about our consumer products.
Cosy warmth for a cold winter’s night. UNION® Fireplace Briquettes are a byword for the highest levels of quality. They are long-lasting and made of 100% natural materials. And they’ve been that way since 1904.
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Thanks to their constant high temperature and their extra long four-hour burning time, slow-burning BBQ Briquettes are real bundles of energy, burning for twice as long as charcoal. That makes them ideal for preparing slow-cooked barbecue food (indirect barbecuing) and hours of barbecuing fun.
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