HOK® Activated Lignite is a sorbent for effective waste gas and wastewater treatment. It is manufactured by activating our local lignite in a rotary hearth furnace process. This produces high-quality activated lignite, which has proved itself as a cost-effective sorbent and filter material in environmental technology.

HOK® Activated Lignite, made from Rhenish lignite, is significantly different from most types of activated carbon both in the way it is manufactured and as regards of its characteristics. Lignite mined from RWE Power AG’s opencast mines near Cologne is activated using the rotary hearth furnace process (called ‘Herdofen’ in German), which gives the product its brand name ‘HOK®’.

Rheinbraun Brennstoff GmbH’s engineers have all the expertise required to supply and use this product effectively. Shipping is generally arranged in-house, ensuring prompt processing of orders.

Production, sales and logistics activities are all carried out in accordance with a proven quality control process based on DIN ISO 9001:2015. To ensure the quality of the product the final product is sampled several times a day. The analysis is carried out in RWE Power AG’s main laboratory.

HOK® Activated Lignite is delivered in bulk quantities in a large tipper or silo lorry, and then mechanically or pneumatically handled on the customer’s premises in a closed system. The product is stored in very simple sheet steel silos. For smaller order quantities the product can also be delivered packaged up in bagged cargo, ‘big bags’ or small containers.

Four different types of activated lignite are available, from granules to extremely finely ground activated lignite, making sure having the perfect product for the application.


Strict emissions limits for highly-toxic hazardous substances must be observed at all times during emissions treatment. Activated carbon technology using HOK® Activated Lignite ensures you can operate safely and profitably.
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HOK® Activated Lignite guarantees an efficient process in the environmental technologies for wastewater treatment. The low-cost sorbent yields top class results for both biological and adsorptive water treatment.
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