LE Lignite Energy is a low-cost and high-quality industrial fuel. It is obtained by drying and grinding up lignite. The stable low price of the basic raw material and its ready availability make LE a cost-effective alternative to gas, oil and hard coal.
LE is a reliable long-term source of energy, and Agenzia Carboni can deliver consistently high quality at a stable price, making fluctuations in energy prices a thing of the past. Energy-intensive industries such as the asphalt, cement and lime sectors can make the most of favourable delivery conditions. However, the fuel can also be used for a number of specialist applications, including for steam generation, thanks to its broad range of applications. Discover the economic and technological advantages Lignite Energy can offer in your industry!


The asphalt industry relies on LE Lignite Energy. This low-cost industrial fuel has been the market leader in the sector for years now. Its advantages speak for themselves.
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Long-term supply agreements, stable prices and a highly secure supply – the unique benefits of LE Lignite Energy are helping make the cement industry more competitive for the long-term.
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LE Lignite Energy is also number 1 in the lime industry, and with good reason. LE is cost-effective, prices are stable, it has a high net calorific value, and using it reduces dependence on more volatile energy sources.
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Agenzia Carboni develops tailor-made solutions for direct-fired drying plants in a broad range of sectors. We’re providing cost-effective, secure energy to power your business.
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LE Lignite Energy is proving itself to be an impressively efficient source of energy wherever electricity and process steam are being processed by environmentally-friendly co-generation. Reap the benefits of long-term, competitive energy prices!
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